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  Staff applications!
  L2PHEOX - 11th of october 2014

In the recent developments, we have decided we could use more help to build on L2PHEOX. We are looking for people who can understand the languages of: HTML, PHP, JAVA, C++ and Delphi. Other than this, we are looking for a graphic designer who can produce arts to be used on the website. All members of the L2PHEOX team, ofcourse, have an GM character with proper access levels.

To submit your application, please register on the Forum and send an PM to Amster. (If you cannot do this without an how-to-instruction, you're probably not suited for the task :)).

  Changing Lineage 2 updater
  Hallate - 5th of october 2014
  Today we have changed from updater for the Lineage II client. We were unhappy with it's restrictions.
The new updater has the same functionality as the one from retail and has the same options and restrictions.

The new updater can be downloaded from HERE. If you are using the old one, please delete it from your system folder. We will leave the old updater files available for another week for the old updater, before taking that offline. After this week, we hope everyone is using the new one.

  Some updates!
  Hallate - 3th of october 2014

As progress is being made, we had intended to have a Grand Opening in September. Unfortunately we didn't make that. This is partially due the bad health of one of our (leading) crew members and the lack of another developer that can fill in the gab. We’ve scouted a bit for trustful people, but experience has teach used that unknown people usually bring a bag of problems with them (either corrupt, unrealistic demands and what not). However, if you feel you could help us around and want to help us around, feel free to send a message to us via the Forum.

At the moment, the major part of the server is done, our wanted custom features are mostly there. In time more and more will be added . We’ll be using the MVP (Minimum Value Product) ideology upon launch and work it out to a larger world.
For now we hope several people will join the Hallate server so some class balance testing can be done. The sooner we have done this, the quicker we can set an date for the Grand Opening.

Due to our main focus currently on Hallate, the server Ramsheart has been down and won’t be up unless someone asks for it, or until the time has come that we can finally work on the hardcore-lowrate Ramsheart server.

  More features added!
  Hallate - 12th of september 2014
  The holidays have ended, and we started to continue to build on the server. Before we tell some about the new stuff on Hallate, we want to talk about Ramsheart. Currently Ramsheart is an 1x server. After some work on holiday thoughts, we have thought up to increase the rates from 1x to 15x/20x. The focus will be PvE, Crafting and PvP. We are sure that players will get to pvpable levels soon enough with these rates. We also plan to implement the same features from Hallate to Ramsheart, but more customized to fit properly for Ramsheart. It might mean that some features will not be available for Ramsheart.

For Hallate we have added a Party farm zone. The teleport has been added to the Global Gatekeeper. Other then this we have taken the Community Board more under hands and played with the tabs. Most of them have now features. For example, the Homepage tab now contains the Global Shop. All (most) items available in Lineage 2 will be added in there. The Region tab contains the PvP Rankings. We have some plans for a proper PvP zone, which will also lead to customize the Clan tab. But more news on that later.
Not to forget, we finally added the Noblesse Manager. Every character of level 76 and higher can buy Noble status for 1000 Festival Adenas!
  A new website, version 4!
  Website - 3th of september 2014
  With the aim for more functionalities on the website, a new website was created. Currently it has the same functionality as the previous but, but this version is more friendly for future implementations.
  PvP Reward System has been added!
  Hallate - 26th of august 2014
  We have added a PvP reward system. Which each PvP kill made, you earn RPC points that can be traded for items via .pvpinfo command. With the coming of this system, a PvP ranking system has also been implemented.
The ranking board can be accessed via the Community Board (Alt+B).

Because of the rewards for PvP kills, items from the 'GM Shop' will be removed over time. We've started by placing Festival Adena and Blessed Enchant scrolls as rewards. The only way to obtain Blessed Enchant scrolls is trough PvP.
  Server changement, no more Heisenberg!
  Heisenberg/Hallate - 15th of august 2014
  Today we have taken Heisenberg offline. Hallate will be now the main high rate server. The server is currently running in open beta.
The grand opening will probably take place mid or end september this year.

The rates for Hallate has been increased to 500x EXP and 750x Adena. Current plans are to add more farming zones, increase items in the shops. Also we want to add every location in the Global Gatekeeper and many, many more stuff.

  L2PHEOX Updater!
  General - 10th of august 2014
  As we work on Hallate, we finally took some time to work on a L2Updater. The updater can be downloaded here. Just place the L2Updater in your system folder and launch it (press Full Check and when it's done, press Start).

In other news, we have started on Hallate on the level zone, where newly made characters also respawn. For the time being, we have changed the rates of Hallate to 250x. We may change it in the future before Grand Opening.
As still a lot of work is in need to be done, we have still not set a date for it.